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September 2014

Alumni Spotlight – Evan Guse


Name: Evan Guse

Graduation Date: May 2013

Purdue Major: Communications

Occupation: Pastor and seminary student

Contact Info: mail2twitter4linkedin-icon_white

The Young Pastor

Intro to Evan Guse


Evan & Emma

Our first Alumni Spotlight will be focused on a recent Fairway alumnus, Evan Guse. Purdue always felt like a home for Evan as he said in his own words,“I’m a 4th generation Boilermaker and 1st generation Fairwegian.” During his time at Fairway Evan served as Vice President and then Director of Spiritual Affairs for three semesters. He is now pursuing his dream of becoming a pastor by aspiring to complete his Master of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. In his words, “Life is busy but great!” While taking classes, Evan is currently pastoring a small church in Georgetown, KY (featured above). In our dialog he was very humble about it, but lets be clear – leading a church at age 22 is a huge accomplishment, Congratulations Evan! Also worth noting, Evan is married to his high school sweetheart and a Stewart Cooperative member, Emma. Evan and the love of his life will church plant, join an existing church, or help a church expand to multiple campuses after he graduates from Asbury.

Impact Fairway had on Evan

When asked how Fairway shaped him into the man he was today, Evan answered by saying, “I can’t even begin to articulate how much Fairway shaped me into the individual I am today. I  grew in the areas of responsibility, confidence, effective communication, problem-solving, time management, and decision-making, just to name a few.” Evan feels that he drastically benefited from his time serving Fairway as Director of Spiritual Affairs because it was “invaluable experience in getting my feet wet in ministry.” Most importantly, Evan felt obvious spiritual growth during his Fairway days through the Wednesday Night Devotionals, small groups, and constant interactions with fellow believers. Even though he had been a believer for ten years, Evan said he felt more growth in his relationship with Christ during his time at Fairway in comparison to any other period in his life.

Evan’s favorite Fairway memories


Fairway Wednesday Devo

Evan’s favorite memories came from Wednesday Night Devos because “it was such a unique experience to have so many students from all around Purdue’s campus come together on a Wednesday night to set aside their homework, activities, stress, and struggles to worship our Risen Lord.” Halluejah! Can we all agree how amazing it is to see college students, at a non- Christian university let’s remember, coming out on a Wednesday to worship and hear about Jesus?! Besides Devos, Evan misses all the late night food runs, sporting events, and other college shenanigans. On the other hand, Evan does not miss the old Fairway tradition of Green Breakfast. As he put it, “for me, it seems like common sense that nothing good comes from loads of breakfast food soaked in green food coloring that is destined to put you in the bathroom for a good part of the day.” Couldn’t agree more Evan!

Evan’s thoughts on the future of Fairway

Finally, Evan was excited to talk about the future of the house he invested so much time into. He said that, “Fairway has grown so much in the past four years and I can’t even imagine what it will look like many years from now.” He’s optimistic about the expansion efforts and thinks that Fairway can have a great impact on college men, as it did for him. The friendships, life skills, and message Fairway portrays are ideal for young Christian men to be surrounded by in Evan’s opinion.

A special thank you goes out to Evan Guse for being the focus of the first Alumni Spotlight! Brothers, please pray for Evan as he continues his life long journey of pastoring the Lord’s flock. Look out for our next installment of the Alumni Spotlight next month. If you would like to recommend an alumni for a future Alumni Spotlight, please email Mitchell Stevenson at Once again thank you all for reading and staying in touch with Fairway. Boiler Up!

For more about Evan, check out the video below to see him speak at the National Festival for Young Preachers earlier this year.


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