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January 2015

Alumni Spotlight – Greg Napier

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Name: Greg Napier

Pledge Class: 1992

Purdue Major: Landscape Architecture

Occupation: Director of Purdue Research Parks and Physical Facilities

Contact Info: mail2linkedin-icon_white

Leaving a Lasting Impact

Greg Napier has been an integral contributor to Fairway since his time as an active and continuing into his years as an alumnus.  Greg currently lives in Lafayette, IN with his wife Stephanie and his two children, Selah (15) and Isaiah (12). Greg works for the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) as the Director of Physical Facilities and Purdue Research Parks. He oversees the operations and designs of PRF’s facilities throughout Indiana.

Leading Through Change

During his time in the house he served as President, VP, Treasurer, and House Buyer while helping orchestra important decisions that would forever impact the organization. Fairway was in transition between the houses on 40 North Salisbury and 359 Vine Street. Napier checked out the prospective house with Bob Haan and knew “It was a huge risk to us.” These visionaries reported their findings to the house but spent a week praying over it and determined in was a “God thing.” The transition to Vine Street came with difficulties after Fairway decided to move because Napier remembered, We first had to clear out seven, 40 yard dumpster of debris as the prior tenants ransacked the building. However after it was thoroughly cleaned, the house on Vine was a much more valuable asset (key point to remember) with more rooms, parking and even a volleyball court!


Napier founded Fairway Alumni Association Inc. with Scott Culver and they began to realize that Fairway’s current house was falling apart. They contacted apartment complexes trying to find a buyer for Fairway’s Vine St. house while also searching for Fairway’s next property.

God blessed Fairway for its move to Vine Street because the greater value of house allowed Napier the ability to purchase Fairway’s current lot and take out a mortgage on Fairway’s current structure(1320 David Ross Rd). Reaffirming his original conviction, the move to Vine St was truly a “God thing.” The house on N. Salisbury would not have been nearly as valuable to the apartment complex when compared to the larger house on 359 Vine. Amazing to see God’s grace and blessing on Fairway throughout its history during Napier’s leadership!


Napier’s advice he would leave for Fairway actives consists of three “stool” legs: Faith, Education, and Civic. Napier said to cherish your Fairway days as a great chance to deepen your relationship with Christ and get involved at the world class university you attend.

For his faith leg he commented, “Not one person has it right… I can guarantee that.  Only Christ has it right.  Thankfully I learned all about grace at Fairway and that hopefully, we are all striving to grow closer to Christ.


Greg with his wife and kids

For education, Napier realizes Purdue’s strong brand exists throughout the world. He said, “I can remember walking through Frankfort, Germany wearing a Purdue shirt.  I was stopped 3 different times and asked questions about Purdue.  This place is known all over the world.  This degree matters.

Finally for civic, Napier encourages actives to get involved at Purdue. He joined Glee Club, traveled all over the world, and even had dinner with the legendary Neil Armstrong! Napier commented, “If you get involved in a club or something on campus… you will see great things.

Thank you for reading December’s Alumni Spotlight. A special thank you goes out to Greg Napier and all those who supported his decisions throughout Fairway’s history! If you have any nominations for future Alumni Spotlights, please email Aaron Krafft at