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November 2014

Alumni Spotlight – Greg Smith


12237_10103936668631438_7666673369589064467_n (2)Name: Greg Smith

Pledge Class: 2003

Purdue Major: Financial Planning and Counseling

Occupation: Client Support Specialist, TIAA-CREF Contact Info: mail2linkedin-icon_white

Staying Local

November’s Alumni Spotlight will highlight Greg Smith. Greg lives in Lafayette, IN with his high-school sweetheart and wife Heather and their two children (2 years and 9 months old). Heather was also Shoemaker during her tenure at Purdue. Greg stated, “Having kids is one of the most taxing yet rewarding things we have ever done; you learn a lot about how selfish you really are when is someone is dependent upon you.” Greg and Heather credit their church community for supporting them during this new stage in life. They attend Clear River Church in downtown Lafayette and Greg said, “We LOVE our church and are very glad to have such a supportive, caring community around us.” The young couple has developed deep relationships in their young adults’ small group and served in the youth group as well.

Fairway’s Impact

When asked to reflect on his times in Fairway, Greg commented that Fairway had a huge impact on him. He came from a small Christian high school in Fort Wayne and commented, “Fairway was really helpful to have a small community of Christian guys who shared similar values as me.” Greg recalled multiple situations where he stayed up extra late to discuss healthy, Christian conversations with his Fairway brothers. He said, “Fairway was the first place where I felt it was encouraged to have these discussions freely and openly.” Greg knew he had to own his faith at college apart from his parents. Fairway was instrumental in that process.

Advice for current house members

Greg’s advice to Fairway actives would be to stay involved in a community after leaving Fairway. He said, “Once I left Fairway I had a difficult time finding a church that I felt plugged in at, which led to a difficult year.” Greg knows that supportive Christian community is healthy for all believers and mentioned “we were created to be in community together”.

Thanks again for reading Fairway’s Alumni Spotlight. We’d like to thank Greg Smith for his insightful responses and commitment to Fairway over his college years and beyond! If you have any comments, questions or nominations for the next spotlight, please email Mitchell Stevenson at steven61@purdue.edu. Boiler Up!