Alumni Spotlight

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April 2015

Alumni Spotlight – Gregg Liechty


Name: Gregg Liechty

Pledge Class: 1965

Purdue Major: Animal Science / Agriculture Teaching

A Fairway Legacy

This month we are spotlighting Gregg Liechty from PC ’65. Gregg started his college education at Taylor University, where he studied agriculture. After two years at Taylor he transferred to Purdue University, where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science and Agriculture Teaching. Shortly after graduating he used his agriculture teaching degree to teach in Decatur, Indiana. After five years of teaching he returned to his family’s farm, where he soon took on full responsibility of the operations. Gregg is the fourth generation of Gregg Liechty Family Farms, and he has successfully been running his farm for many years. However, Gregg said he is planning to retire in a few years and pass the responsibilities to his nephew, Luke Liechty, who is a senior in Agricultural Economics and a current member of Fairway Cooperative.

How have you benefited from living at Fairway?

Gregg was at Fairway until 1967, and he had an incredible experience during his two and a half years as a member. Although he was raised in a Christian home, Gregg said, “My time at Fairway has solidified my spiritual life.” He has built many lasting relationship; even to this day he has stayed in contact with some of his Fairway brothers. Fairway has provided Gregg with a place to grow spiritually, build lasting relationships, and even a place to have some fun and enjoy a few pranks with his fellow brothers.

What are some areas that Fairway should develop?

Gregg noted two things he wishes to see in Fairway’s future: open a second house and continually spread the word about Fairway. He said that having a second Fairway with the same spiritual standards that we currently have would be a great opportunity for incoming students. Currently at Fairway, we are at full capacity, and unfortunately, are unable to take in more students who apply. Gregg see’s Fairway as a place where young men can develop a strong relationship with Christ and with other believers. Expanding Fairway will allow more men to have the incredible experience that he had.

What advice would you give to current members?

Gregg’s primary advice to current members is to remain grounded in scripture. He stated, ”The Holy Scripture is holy scripture and has been the same for thousands of years.” It does not matter where you are in life or what your circumstances are; remaining in the Word of God is the most important thing we can do as followers of Christ. Gregg said he ended up being better grounded in his faith at Purdue more than he was at Taylor, because his faith was challenged at Purdue and he spent time in the Word to defend his faith. Gregg lived at Fairway over 55 years ago, and he still looks back on his time to see specific areas where he grew spiritually.