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Fairway values the alumni that have paved the way for others to have a unique college experience at Purdue. We want to engage our alumni more than ever and there are some exciting new opportunities in the works. Stay tuned to this area of our website to check out upcoming events and updates while also using this page as a resource to contact the house.

NEW: Alumni Spotlight Series

We’re excited to release a new monthly story titled “Alumni Spotlight.” The purpose of these stories is to highlight what’s going on in a Fairway alumni’s life. Whether the focus is spiritually, personally, or professionally related, we want the Fairway family to hear about the current lives of our alumni. If you have any nominations for alumni you would like to see featured, please email Mitchell Stevenson at steven61@purdue.edu.


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Join 120+ Fairway alumni on in our Fairway Alumni Linked IN group! This is a platform we are planning to capitalize on  in the future for career opportunities within the Fairway family. You don’t want to miss out!



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