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October 2014

Fairway Leads Multi-House Mission Trip

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Haiti vs. Fairway soccer game

Last spring break, 19 Fairway members from Purdue went to Haiti to serve at New Life Children’s Home, an orphanage in Jacmel. We wanted to help the kids develop some simple skills that could lead them on a path to employment. Our team taught the kids skills in computers, music, personal finance, and woodworking. We also strove to teach and practice unconditional love, respect, patience and unselfish living. By the end of our trip, we were confident that we had positively impacted the children, but even more sure that they had taught us more than we could have ever hoped to teach them. Current Fairway President Luke Liechty said, “”My experience in Haiti with my Fairway brothers was one of the most impacting experiences of my life. I grew spiritually, grew relationally, and developed a unique perspective on life.”

We loved serving in Haiti so much last spring break, that we are planning two trips this year! Over spring break we will again send down a group of Fairway guys, but we are excited to announce that we will also be taking a team of 12 students from several houses over Christmas break.



Purdue students from Twin Pines, Stewart, Shoemaker, and Fairway will be traveling to Jacmel, Haiti to serve from January 1st through the 7th. The students participating in the trip will have an opportunity to experience the culture of a 3rd world country while serving in a local orphanage in Jacmel. The team will host daily skill-based workshops for the kids. These will include Nutrition & Dietetics, American Etiquette, and Bible Study workshops. The workshops will focus on providing the children in the orphanage with tangible health tips, insights into American culture, and also biblical principles they can apply to their lives.

Providing the opportunity to more students

The spring break trip to Haiti last year left a lasting impression on the guys who went, and the guys in the house wanted to help facilitate that opportunity for other men and women at Purdue.  Kody Sisler, a Sophomore at Fairway and the Director of Missions said, “I wanted to expand this opportunity to other houses for two reasons. First, we want Fairway to be a leader and example of serving and helping those less fortunate. I believe that shining our light and helping others to do so is a very practical way of showing our faith. Second,  I wanted to develop relationships with the other houses.”

Success Story

Chris and Dede

Last year Chris Swygart, a reserved MET student and former Fairway Grand Prix driver, came to befriend an 8-year old boy named Dede on the trip. Dede was raised without a father, and his mother supported many children. She left little time for personal interaction with him. But during our trip, Dede spent his days with Chris by either playing soccer, singing a few English songs he knows, or just being a kid. For one week Dede did not have to think about being fatherless or wondering if there would be food the next day. He only had to enjoy his time with Chris and just be a kid. After that week, Dede told Chris that he loved him and thought of Chris as his father.


Haitian Support Ministries

We would like to extend a special thanks to our partners at Haitian Support Ministries for making our trips possible. We could not do it without their help. Too learn more about Haitian Support Ministries, visit http://www.haitiansupportministries.org/.