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TRUE Brotherhood - TRUE Values - TRUE Impact
September 2014

New Year. Improved Look. Bright Future.


Welcome to the brand new Fairway blog, along with the new logo and website design! A lot of work has been put into this project to help us more clearly communicate our mission and values and also better communicate with the Fairway community of members, parents, alumni, and friends.  Below are some quick highlights of the key features of the new look.  We hope you look around and let us know what you think!

“True” Slogan – By definition, the word “true” means real or genuine. In today’s world, many college organizations have gotten away from their values and although they still say them, they are often not genuine in carrying them out.  At Fairway, it is a very different story. We work hard to make sure that everything we do clearly ties to our core values. We are confident that our activities, statistics, and men demonstrate that Fairway fosters true brotherhood between members, true moral values consistently, and true impact to the campus, community, and world.

New Logo – We wanted to create a logo that not only looked great but also communicated the values of Fairway.  Each of the seven white vertical columns represents one of the 7 core values or “pillars” of Fairway. Those pillars are Brotherhood, Faith, Academics, Character, Leadership, Outreach, and Impact. These 7 pillars of Fairway symbolically hold up the “Fairway” word in the logo, but in a very practical sense these values are absolutely what hold Fairway up and make it unique and successful. The shield has long been a symbol of Fairway and represents the biblical shield of faith talked about in the Old Testament.  All of our values are important, but our Faith in Jesus is ultimately what matters most and is what binds us together.

Website – Fairway is an incredible place, but it can be difficult to articulate online. Our goal with the new website was to simplify it from 30+ pages down to just a couple to more clearly communicate Fairway to the world.

Blog – We need to do a better job communicating all of the great things going on at Fairway with alumni, parents, and friends. This blog will help us communicate much better with the Fairway community.

Alumni – We want to communicate with alumni much more efficiently, help facilitate the opportunity for alumni to reconnect to each other, and eventually provide a way for Fairway members and alumni to connect for career opportunities. We have some exciting plans in the future but are excited to start our monthly “Alumni Spotlight” with 2013 alumnus Evan Guse. These monthly spotlights will highlight some awesome things our alumni are doing. Check Evan’s story out here.