Brock Erb

The benefits of living at Fairway are second to none. There is nowhere else on campus that challenges its brothers to grow in all aspects of life- specifically spiritually, academically, socially, and athletically- quite like Fairway. In my three semesters here I have been encouraged and strengthened spiritually by the community of brothers around me committed to following Christ. Not only are the men of Fairway dedicated to Christ, the community here is one that encourages academic excellence, while also providing many ways to get away from the unrelenting academic stress of Purdue. Our parties draw in hundreds of students, providing a positive and safe environment for students looking for a good time. Intramural sports are also one of the best parts of the Fairway experience, and we field championship teams each semester. Living at Fairway has been a huge positive influence on my life and the relationships I have formed here will last for a lifetime. The spiritual brotherhood, academic and athletic excellence, and long lasting friendships are just a few of the things that make Fairway Cooperative the best place to be on Purdue’s campus.