Tyler Garrett

The greatest thing that I have encountered during my time at Fairway is the strong brotherhood among the guys who live here. I have made some great friends who hold me accountable to serving the Lord and who encourage me every day in my faith in Christ. Fairway is a fantastic brotherhood in which I can grow in my walk with God, focus on achieving in academics, and give back my time to the house by serving in a position of leadership.

I honestly don’t think I would have done as well in school or grown as much in my faith if I had lived in the dorms instead of Fairway. If you are a young Christian man coming to Purdue, I can personally tell you that you will not find a better place on campus where you will be deeply challenged in your faith and become part of such a unique Christian brotherhood than Fairway. I strongly encourage you to apply to Fairway; it’s simply the best place to live while learning at Purdue University!